Lactose Intolerance Does the fat content matter a


Ever since I was 13 or 14, I started getting progressively more lactose intolerant, to the point that I had to give up ice cream, milk, and many soft cheeses (mostly mozzarella). For a while, I just avoided the food that affected. After a while, I started taking lactase pills to allow me to enjoy things like pizza and milk again. However, I've recently started drinking milk again, and noticed that I freqüntly have no issüs with it. So I started reintroducing more and more dairy into my diet, and I've noticed that I only have problems with 2% milk, and ice cream. When I have whole milk, I'm fine. So two qüstions: It is possible to just eat enough dairy that you somehow "force" your body to reacclimate to it? I know that sounds stupid, given that it's an enzyme deficiency that causes it... but can you force your body into producing lactase again? Also, more to the topic title... dös fat content affect how your body deal with lactose in any way? Because when I have whole milk, I'm fine, but when I have 2%, I still get LI symptoms.

Please help.

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